The School of Education of Hainan Normal University was newly established in September 2019 through the integration of educational resources and the adjustment of related colleges, but its origin was the Department of Education established in 1951during the period of Hainan Normal College, which has a history of 70 years.

    There are 5 undergraduate teaching units, including the Department of Education, the Department of Preschool Education, the Department of Special Education, the Department of Educational Technology, and the Department of Educational Public Teaching. And there are 4 undergraduate majors, which are Pedagogy, Preschool Education, Special Education, and Educational Technology. The university’s ethnic preparatory class is also located in this school. The "Undergraduate Education Program for Preschool Education" organized in cooperation with DePaul University (USA) was approved by the Ministry of Education in August 2019, and enrollment l began in 2020. The school has the "Data Science and Smart Education" key laboratory of the Ministry of Education jointly established with related schools, the key research center of Hainan Province"the Curriculum and Teaching Research Center of Hainan Basic Education ",the provincial education think tank " The Institute of Educational Reform and Developmentin Hainan",and has three school-level scientific research institutions, namely the School Moral Education Research Center, the Preschool Education Research Center and the Special Education Research Center of Hainan Normal University. The Office of the Special Education Expert Committee of Hainan Province is located in the school.

    The school is organized according to the first-level discipline of pedagogy. Pedagogy is currently a key discipline with advantages and characteristics in Hainan Province (Class B). In 2006, it was awarded the right to grant a academic master's degree in Principles of Pedagogy,Curriculum and Instruction. In 2009, it was awarded the right to grant a professional master's degree in education. And in 2011,it was awarded the right to grant a master's degree in a first-level discipline of pedagogy.The second-level disciplines or special research directions currently enrolling students include Principles of Pedagogy,Curriculum and Instruction,Comparative Education, Higher Education, Special Education, Educational Technology, Children’s Organization and Ideological Education. The full-time master's degree fields currently enrolling students include Education Management, Modern Education Technology, Preschool Education, and Special Education.

    The school adheres to the fundamental task of "Fostering Virtue through Education"and the university motto of "Advocating Morality and Learning, Seeking Truth and Innovation", upholds the guiding ideology of "Respect for Education, Teacher and Student Centered", and establishes the concept of "integration of teaching, research and application". With the aim of seeking professional development of teachers and promoting the all-round development of students,the goal of "high competency, high quality, and strong ability",the leading role of ideological and political leadership in party building,the path of connotative development, the prominent positionof discipline construction, the focus on the foundation and teaching, the emphasis on scientific research innovation and application, the promotion of cultural education, the implementation of open education, and the strengthen of international exchanges and cooperation, we serve the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, and strive to become the center of education, scientific research and social services in Hainan Province.